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What are the benefits of the glass mosaic?

The glass mosaic for its intrinsic qualities offers advantages such as durability, low maintenance, weather and chemical agents resistance. It does not absorb odors due to its low porosity. It is waterproof now that it melts at high temperatures with mineral dyes that provide special characteristics of resistance to temperature changes and inalterability color due to tempering process.

Is the glass mosaic a tile?

The glass mosaic is made of silica sand, fluxes, polarized and mineral dyes which melt at high temperatures that gives it special characteristics different to the tile, because it is made of kaolin (like clay) and is pressed and baked; this being the reason that it has one face with glassy finish and the other side with clayey material that makes it different about its characteristics, care and benefits.

What are the different formats in which the glass mosaic is available?

The aesthetic versatility of the Veneciano mosaic allows it to be used in multiple decorative applications. We currently manufacture a wide variety of sizes available in 1 x 1 cm, 2 x 2 cm, 2.5 x 2.5 cm or 5 x 5 cm.

Is the glass mosaic decolorized by the sun or deteriorate over time if they are placed outdoors?

No. The glass mosaic in its manufacturing step is melted with mineral dyes that guarantee an indefinite durability of color throughout the piece. Coupled with that, the tempering process gives the necessary strength to withstand temperature changes without damage. Therefore, the passage of time, sun or ice does not affect it, maintaining its natural color for long, provided it is properly installed.

What services do you offer?

MVM® studies offer professional solutions in mosaic sectors aimed at hotels, public, commercial and residential spaces that require comprehensive advice on the development of new products and customized services. We specialize in the painting of murals and development of custom blends.

What do I need to start a project?

Our options are tailored to the needs that the customer require at the space that wants to decorate. If the customer is looking to redesign his pool, we have the best option in quality mosaic and high performance in submerged surfaces and moist areas. If you want to remodel interior spaces, we have a wide range of mosaic with successful color trends that will help you transform any environment. If you are looking to realize your design project, we help in the realization starting to understand the need for the project from the creative concept to installation of the mural.

I have not completely defined my mural design, could you help me?

Yes, we have a team of professionals who will help you to realize your design project, providing all the support and advice in order to create an artistic reinterpretation of your work of art from the idea, sketch, drawing illustration or photograph the customer provide. Subsequently and within the budget, the technique that suits you best be defined.

What are the requirements to apply for the elaboration of a mural?

Having defined the design, it is necessary to have the following specifications:
– Accurate measurements of the wall to be produced by CAD drawings with sections and floor plans.
– Image with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi design for interpretation is required. On this basis, the price will be estimated and we will start the development once the client approves the proposal.

I want to develop a mural for my garden, I do not know which technique is best for what you recommend?

If the mural is to be installed outdoors, is large, it does not require a maximum degree of fidelity in details and your budget is limited, the recommended technique is the preparation of the mural made with digital technology or computer.

The advantages are:

  • The color range of this line consists of more than 100 colors in measuring 1x1cm.
  • Its small size allows carry out designs in great detail with a high degree of fidelity in the image as well as greater flexibility to combine with larger mosaics (2 × 2 cm and 5×5 cm).
  • Ability to appreciate the design before being manufactured.
  • The time of realization is reasonably short.
  • Decrease in processing costs.

It is important to consider that a mural made under this technique must be designed to be seen from a distance of 10 meters minimum. Also, to obtain a good image resolution requires that the project is greater than 1.5 x 1sqm.
Failure to follow these specifications the perspective effect and limited space will not allow appreciate the design as a whole.

I do not want a mural, I desire a mixture with specific colors. How can I do it?

Yes. We have over 100 shades of color, rich in veins and textures. To generate a virtual sample use CREATE YOUR MIX, this digital tool at this online portal, now with shades and finishes of your choice.
Follow the instructions for quotation request and/or order.

Do you have installation service?

Yes. We have a highly qualified team that will provide support, advice and recommendations for installation and maintenance work required and the best alternatives in products and installation techniques through our Department of Art Installation advice from industry professionals guaranteeing commitment, excellence and trust.

The installation of a mural. How long does it take?

The conditions, surfaces and circumstances of each project requires expert advice, for this reason cannot be determined a fixed term now that each project tends to be unique.
However, on the way to provide to our customers the best alternatives in products and techniques for installing the mosaic, we offer the professional system for installation of murals on aluminum panel for faster placement and optimum resistance for installation work. It is easy and quick; for example: a mural of 75 sq.m. installed on an aluminum panel can be placed in 3 business days with 2 people specializing in placement. Contrary to the installation by the traditional method on a concrete surface with a mural of the same size will require 8 days work on average. For more information, visit this website section Installation Methods.

What is the difference between the glass mosaic and Spanish mosaic?

Our mosaic is made with the original glass formulas and the same ancient manufacturing technique is used through the use of natural components melted at temperatures above 1400 degrees Celsius. This process is unique and different from any other glassmaking process as coloring is fused to the pair ensuring indefinite color durability throughout the tile. Meanwhile, the Spanish recovered glass uses glass and melts at softening temperature and is pigmented on one side.

Should I use mosaic floors?

The glass mosaic is characterized by high strength and is used both indoors and outdoors. However, the Veneciano® mosaic is recommended exclusively for residential bathroom floor, where traffic is light. For high traffic commercial floors and outdoors floors we only recommend marble floors and Byzantine mosaic in its very thick version.

Is the tile resistant to freezing climates?

The glass mosaic is resistant to temperature changes and is not altered in sub-zero climates. However, is not advisable to install under these circumstances now that the substrate and installation materials tend to suffer variations in their components caused by the changes in the room temperature, same to be followed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations not to alter its properties and not affect the coating, in this case the mosaic.

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